Precious Metals IRA’s

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Precious Metals IRA: The Low Down On Gold Investments

For a Precious Metal IRA the most common choices are:

  1. Gold,
  2. Silver
  3. Platinum


And there is even the ability to acquire Paladium


In a nutshell, IRAs – or investment retirement accounts – act like savings or pension funds through you can put in monthly contributions towards your pension fund.

Still, they can instruct fund managers to make the investments in their behalf and this is the ultimate precursor to the precious metals IRAs that we know today.


The Gold IRA – A Golden Standard in Retirement Investments

Gold IRA is just one of the options available when one talks about precious metals IRA info in general. However, gold carries some serious advantages over other precious metals so much so that it is, more often than not, the asset of choice for many IRA investors.


Among the many advantages that gold IRAs carry include:


  1. Profitability. There are fewer things that are surer investments than gold IRAs and the uncertainties surrounding the global economy following the 2008 global financial turmoil only served to emphasize this. Because of the crisis, many investment assets tanked – and continue to be tanking – and this has led to serious losses for many investors. In contrast, gold IRAs recorded an astounding 300% rate of profit within the same time frame, growing from $400 per ounce in early 2008 to about $1,600 per ounce in early 2012.


Consequently, that painful experience following the 2008 crisis has led many investors to stick with gold in the interim until the global economy settles into a more predictable rhythm. This has only reinforced the overall profitability of gold IRAs as an investment and lends credence to various precious metals IRA info websites to proclaim gold as the investment of choice especially if you are investing your hard-earned retirement money.


  1. Diversity. Gold comes in various forms, from gold bars to gold coins, and even gold jewelry. Gold coins and jewelry are of important value to the industry, in particular, because these carry extra value on top of the gold. For example, coins are severely attractive for coin collectors so much so that gold coins are almost always priced higher than the spot price. Should you come across rare coins and collectibles, the value markedly increases further essentially boosting the value of the investment than if one were to purely invest in gold assets.


  1. Liquidity. Plenty of people are interested in gold both because of its investment value, and because it is an excellent insurance for your assets. Likewise, many industries are after the value of gold as a raw material. In essence, the demand for gold will never go out of fashion because it is valuable on so many levels and so many aspects. This makes gold assets extremely liquid so recovering your money from any gold investment is not as hard as, say, recovering your money from corporate or government bonds.


  1. Paper Investments. Investing in gold does not only happen when you buy actual gold. There are investment instruments like gold ETFs that do not require buying actual gold but still put you in a position to profit from the strength of the gold market. This is very important because precious metals IRA info draws a delineation between IRAs that physical gold versus those invested in gold ETFs. Suffice it to say that physical gold requires more steps to accomplish than if you were to put money in gold ETFs.


Converting to a Gold IRA

In many cases, the fund managers commissioned by your employer to manage your IRA should be able to provide the necessary information on how best to convert a conventional IRA into a gold IRA. Again, it bears repeating that IRAs with actual physical gold assets requires more steps and a bit of a cumbersome process to secure whereas IRAs investing in gold ETFs normally do not present this problem. At the end of the day, you will need to talk to an expert in the field to iron out the details and setup your personal IRA so you can put a fraction of it into gold assets.


In the succeeding posts, we will expand this precious metals IRA info by talking about silver and platinum IRAs and how you can take advantage of these investment opportunities using your investment retirement account. By expanding your knowledge of the available investment opportunities, you are putting yourself in the best position to reap the harvest when the opportunity presents itself; and that is what any astute investor should do given the tough economic climes and the shaky nature of today’s money markets.

Essential Precious Metals IRA Information

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